Happy Mothers Day 2021

To be able to say the word “mom”, the lips must kiss each other twice.

May 9th is Mother’s day, My mother passed away over 40 years ago, and as far as I know, I am not a mother. I also learned not everyone experiences the same feeling about their relationship.

But I like to celebrate life and everything and everybody in it.

To follow that tradition, we created a mother’s day video, which you can watch or pass along.

Whatever you do this coming Sunday, remember that we are thinking of you, and we appreciate you. Happy Mother’s day.

“They say, that when I was born, my mother taught me to suck the milk.

And every night beside my crib, she taught me to sleep as soft as silk.

With a smile, she pressed her lips to mine, till my mouth with joy oversplit.

She took my hand and guided my foot, till I learned to walk with a happy lilt.

One word, two words, then three and more… that’s how she taught me to talk.

That’s why my life is part of her life, and will remain so as long as I live”

― Iraj Mirza Persian Poet

Tequila for weight loss? 6 surprising health benefits you had no idea about

Drinking tequila in small amounts is good for your health

Drinking tequila in small amounts is good for your health. Photo: Pexels

Too much alcohol consumption is surely harmful, but did you know that drinking tequila in small doses is actually good for your health?

Studies in the past have shown how drinking tequila can boost one’s health. Here’s how:

1. Good for bones

A recently conducted study at the Centre for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico concluded that drinking tequila is good for the bones. A substance in the tequila plant, agave tequilana, improves the absorption of calcium and magnesium, minerals which boost bone health.

2. Aids digestion

The agave tequila plant contains high levels of insulin, which induces better digestion by growing good bacteria. Some people also take a shot before a meal to boost metabolism, as mentioned in an article by Independent.

3. Controls blood sugar and promotes weight loss

According to research presented at the American Chemical Society, the sugar contained in the agave plant called agavins help lower blood sugar. Agavins also help people feel fuller and thus eat less, which, in turn, promotes weight loss.

4. It can aid sleep

A small amount of tequila reportedly calms the nerves, relaxes the body and is helpful for insomniacs. One should, however, not be dependent on it.

5. It is probiotic

The fructans in tequila are known to supply probiotics to the body that boost our immune system.

6. Numbs pain

When tequila enters the body, it dilates the blood vessels and helps transport blood to all of our body parts, lessening body pain.

Plant-based diets are best… or are they?


Human healthy diet

People choose a vegetarian or vegan diet for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s out of concern for the way animals are treated or for the environment. But it’s also common to choose a plant-based diet because it’s considered healthier.

And that’s for good reason. Research over many years has linked plant-based diets to lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers (as compared with diets high in meat and other animal products). Dietary guidelines and recommendations from nutrition experts reflect this, encouraging the adoption of diets (such as the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet) that are heavy on fruits and vegetables and restrict consumption of red meat.

Popular plant-based diets include

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