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Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis

Stop smoking – Lose weight – Manage fear

Relieve anxiety and stress and ultimately be happy

MasterMind Advanced hypnosis

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Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis is here to help and guide each individual to maximize their own personal potential.  With this opportunity to change your life, you will be introduced to the concepts and methods of advanced hypnosis and Mastery Method practiced by Master Saghafi, who has taught physical and mental wellness at the State University Of New York at Buffalo, and the man behind Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis of Buffalo, NY.  Master Saghafi is a scientist, an engineer, a certified hypnotist, and a grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do. He shares with his clients a methodology for a life change that he has developed over the course of nearly four decades, using coaching, martial arts philosophy, and hypnosis.

Success via the power of the mind is not a matter of magic, but rather the practical application of productive thoughts and positive perspective. Nevertheless, the outcome seems magical.

With this guidance, clients are able to overcome their own personal obstacles.  Many of these obstacles, Master Saghafi teaches, are self-enforced mental challenges.

Clients seek out Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis in order to

Individuals may also contact the center for assistance with more individualized requests, such as overcoming specific workplace or family difficulties. The power of hypnosis is not the power to create new skills or abilities, but rather the power to allow one’s self to succeed.

This philosophy is clearly presented through Master Saghafi’s weight loss hypnosis techniques, which do not focus only on diet or nutrition requirements but on the psychological causes of overeating.  Individualized sessions examine the triggers for excessive calorie consumption, and the mental obstacles which prevent clients from reasonable diets.  Through understanding and positive visualization, clients are able to transition naturally toward more healthful habits.

As with weight loss hypnosis, the philosophy behind Master Saghafi’s stop smoking hypnosis sessions is based upon understanding the reason behind a client’s need to smoke.  Direct suggestion, positive visualization, and deeper understanding of personal motivations aid clients in beating this addiction.

Learn more about Master Saghafi’s techniques and their practical application by attending the upcoming seminar.  Unleash your own capabilities to feel better, heal faster, achieve more, and live a more complete life.

Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis founder was on the front page of Buffalo News, Niagara Gazette and Many More.

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What our clients say

Tina S.
Tina S.
Tina S.

I learned about Professor Saghafi from my coworker and one of his former students at the University of Buffalo, and how a 3 credit wellness class influenced her and many students in a very positive way. After a google search, I made a call and scheduled an appointment. My 15 min appointment lasted 2 1/2 hrs. His practice is much closer to European model than typical American practice . I like his philosophy of mind--part Western-part Eastern and what lies in between. My experience is beyond positive .


I began my journey lost and confused and trying to find my place in the world. After meeting with Master Saghafi, he made things seem simple and clear. I appreciate all he has done for me, helping with my confidence and more. Thank you very much Master Saghafi. :)

Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis

will take you to a higher level of consciousness as you tap to unlimited potential of your subconscious.  You’re probably here because you’d like to solve a problem. Or maybe there’s some improvement you’d like to make in your life. Our goal is to help you get what you want. Safely. With you in control.  Effectively. With real results that last. You can browse the site and learn how hypnosis can help you. Find out how it works for your issue. Or if you’d like, we can talk about your situation.

Just Click Here to send us a note, or call us at 716-247-6610.

We’d be happy to hear what’s happening and see if We can be of service. Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you.

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I went to see the Master as a last ditch effort to quit smoking. As a 25 year serious smoker, I had tried everything and I mean everything. Chantx, patches, gums, etc… so I figured what the heck, I’ll try hypnosis. After meeting with the Master for a consultation. I wasn’t completely sold that it would work for me but I could tell he was sincere so I went for it. The session was scheduled for the next week and after it ended, I walked out a non-smoker. No cravings, no sweats, no over eating, no freaking out, it just worked. It’s been over a week without a cig.  I do still knock on wood every once in a while but so far, it has been an incredible experience. Anyone who smokes will tell you going Cold Turkey for a week without any withdrawal is nuts.

I can’t promise everyone it will work for you but I can promise that the Master is the real deal. I highly recommend him. Simply put, the man literally helped me save my own life.

Much Peace and Love, Keith J. Hughes (aka HipHughes on the Internets)

Keith J. HughesNameI walked out a non-smoker