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Hypnosis and You

As a premier buffalo hypnosis clinic, Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis is here to help and guide individuals to maximize their potential.

  With this opportunity to change your life, you will be introduced to the concepts and methods of advanced hypnosis. Mastery Method is practiced by Master Saghafi, who has taught physical and mental wellness at the State University Of New York at Buffalo and is the man behind Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis of Buffalo, NY.  Master Saghafi is a scientist, an engineer, a certified hypnotist, and a grand master in TAE Kwan Do. He shares with his clients a methodology for a life change that he has developed over nearly four decades, using coaching, martial arts philosophy, and hypnosis.

Success via the power of the mind is not a matter of magic, but the practical application of productive thoughts and positive perspective. Nevertheless, the outcome seems magical.


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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — Arthur Ashe

Hypnosis: A Powerful Tool for Anxiety

Hypnosis for anxiety by Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis is a fantastic tool that can help you make lasting changes. By accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis, you can address the emotional factors contributing to your anxiety and make real progress. This approach is more effective than changing your behavior on the surface. With hypnosis, you can learn how to control your anxiety and make long-term changes.


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We will take you to a higher level of consciousness as you tap into the unlimited potential of your subconscious.  You’re probably here because you’d like to solve a problem. Or maybe there’s some improvement you’d like to make in your life. Our goal is to help you get what you want. Safely. With you in control.  Effectively. With real results that last. You can browse the site and learn how hypnosis can help you. Find out how it works for your issue. Or if you’d like, we can talk about your situation.

We’d be happy to hear what’s happening and see if We can be of service. Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How we can help you?

Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis is here to help and guide each individual to maximize their own personal potential.  With this opportunity to change your life, you will be introduced to the concepts and methods of advanced hypnosis and Mastery Method practiced by Master Saghafi, who has taught physical and mental wellness at the State University Of New York at Buffalo, and the man behind Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis of Buffalo, NY.  Master Saghafi is a scientist, an engineer, a certified hypnotist, and a grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do. He shares with his clients a methodology for a life change that he has developed over the course of nearly four decades, using coaching, martial arts philosophy, and hypnosis.

Success via the power of the mind is not a matter of magic, but rather the practical application of productive thoughts and positive perspective. Nevertheless, the outcome seems magical.

With this guidance, clients are able to overcome their own personal obstacles.  Many of these obstacles, Master Saghafi teaches, are self-enforced mental challenges.

How hypnosis can help and what services we offer

Hypnosis and NLP Help for Low Income

Many people on low income have problems, just as much as the rich and wealthy do.
Often those on low income are prevented from getting the effective help they need to make powerful changes in there lives due to the cost of effective therapy and help.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Master mind advance hypnosis offers help and advice to those on low income.
You receive the same standard of service as my full fee clients, you just pay less.

We discuss your needs and desires. And work out the most cost effective way for you to get the result you want, who knows you may even increase your income.

Time for Time, Skills, Abilities or Items, or Bartering.
Many people on low income have skills or abilities or items that may be useful to me, so we can do an exchange.
Yes it is an old system, however an effective one. You may be a therapist or web designer just starting out, so we could exchange services. There are many skills you may have that could be useful to me, if you don’t ask you will never know.

Reduced Fee’s.
My wealthy clients know that a portion of there fees go to help those on low income and they are pleased with this. So you may get your fees reduced. Unless you come for a consultation you will never know.

Self Hypnosis CD’s.
These are very effective in removing many of my client’s problems, and when the most suitable is selected for you, you will get the same results. These are a very cost effective way of effecting change in your life.

When you know some simple NLP you can make some amazing changes in your life, even more important is the rules of your subconscious mind that you will learn at your consultation, these simple rules can change your life, well worth the cost for your consultation.

Fast effective results are achieved through the use of EFT. So I will not have to spend a great deal of time with you for you to get the most amazing results.

Low income need not be a problem to you increasing your fun, pleasure and happiness in your life.

Books and Courses.
There are many wonderful books and courses that are inexpensive and highly effective and down the years I have done and read thousands of them. I will point you in the right direction. Many are highly effective and you can use them at home and at your own speed.

So if you are on low income there is no need not to get the help and advice you need. Effective hypnosis and NLP are within your grasp.


Hypnosis Stress Relieve is a recommended method as extreme stress or long periods of stress can be detrimental for both physical and mental health. Stress is a part of everyone’s life at some point, For some, relieving stress takes some help, either from professionals or self-help.

One way to relieve stress is hypnotherapy, which can be done by either a professional or yourself. Hypnotherapy can allow you to slip into a relaxed but focused state where your subconscious is let out. In this state, you can let out your troubling feelings and emotions, as well as suggest to your subconscious ways to better deal with whatever is stressing you out in the future. By putting these new ideas into your subconscious, it could become easier in the future to deal with stress before it hits a high point.

A professional hypnotherapist could also help you find the reason behind your stress if you do not already know exactly what it is.

There are multiple different kinds of hypnosis techniques. One is Erikson’s technique, where you come up with metaphors to focus on in order to relax, for example, to imagine that your limbs are weightless clouds. Another method is the NLP method, which involves finding the stress triggers and altering how they are perceived in order to trigger relaxation. REBT, or Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy, can be used to change irrational beliefs or feelings into rational ones.

Another option is self-hypnosis, such as the use of meditation or affirmations and positive statements that you repeat again and again in your subconscious in order to help motivate you to achieve your goals.


How about hypnosis quit smoking in Buffalo NY? Can hypnosis really make significant effects on a person addicted to nicotine? We at Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis are all well aware of the hurdle a person fights when he decides to stop smoking. It takes more than gum for a person to focus his attention on something else. Amazingly hypnosis can help without the need for enormous willpower.

Stop smoking hypnosis essentially deals with the roots of your smoking habit. Depending on the severity of your habit and your attitude towards it, sessions may take one to four times. Nevertheless, it is significantly better than months of agony right? The only significant ingredient here is your decision to stop smoking. You have to be firm and genuinely desire to quit.


Stress And Anxiety are byproducts of modern life that nobody is immune to. With an always-on, always-connected culture, it’s easy to feel the pressure of needing to achieve, always do your best, and consistently attain the highest standards.

Family life and looking after loved ones can also increase your levels of stress, as can worrying about paying the bills, looking after your health, and wondering what tomorrow will bring. Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health issues experienced by people today, and the very nature of the problem can cause an avoidance of seeking a remedy.

For hypnosis Buffalo NY residents can trust to help relieve their stress and anxiety, Master Mind will provide the hypnosis services you need. Hypnosis will reduce your levels of stress and anxiety simply and comfortably.

You may have seen stage shows or films with references to hypnosis, and don’t believe it can help you. Rest assured, hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis – you won’t be made to bark like a dog or be triggered when someone says a particular word. Hypnotherapy, when performed by a professional, allows your mind and body to enter a deep state of relaxation.

Hypnosis For Anxiety And Depression Is 100% Amazing.


Are you stressed out? If so, you can use hypnosis to help you in two major ways.

You can gain control of your reactions to stressful situations. So you can stay calm when you want to stay calm.

You can gain the ability to relax thoroughly and deeply whenever you want. So you can leave the stress of the day behind you – whenever you like, even if it’s just for a minute or two.

Stress is a fact of life. It’s the “fight-or-flight” reaction that -when it’s normal- keeps us safe and productive. But when it’s out of control it can affect our happiness, health and general well-being.

How Does It Work?

With a combination of self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and new choices for dealing with stressful situations, you can gain a far greater degree of control over your stress level than you’ve ever had before.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

Number of sessions depends on each individual’s condition and the results they want.


Clinical Studies Show Significant Pain Reduction with Hypnosis

Reducing Pain Intensity

Hypnosis is a proven way to reduce pain intensity in people with chronic pain. In a recent study of 37 patients with sickle cell disease, pain intensity decreased significantly more after just six sessions of hypnosis than in the control group. This proves deep relaxation hypnosis to be an effective alternative to traditional treatments for chronic pain in advanced cancer patients.

Mastermind advanced hypnosis clients experience the mind-body connection that helps progressive muscle relaxation, reduced anxiety, a significant decrease in negative emotions and emotional distress, reduced pain

Targeted Pain Relief

Unlike traditional treatments, hypnosis for chronic pain is targeted and tailored to the individual's needs. By focusing on the source of the pain and addressing the underlying causes, hypnosis is more effective at treating chronic pain than traditional methods. This makes it an excellent option for targeted and tailored pain relief.

A Natural and Non-Invasive Approach

Hypnosis for chronic pain is a natural alternative medicine and non-invasive approach to managing pain without medication or invasive medical procedures. It can also be used with other treatments and therapies, allowing you to achieve a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan. With hypnosis, you can find relief from chronic pain without using invasive treatments or medications.

Key Features + Benefits 


  1. Hypnosis for chronic pain is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free therapy.
  2. It can help reduce pain intensity and improve quality of life.
  3. Hypnosis for chronic pain has been clinically proven to bring significant relief in just six sessions.


  1. Hypnosis for chronic pain can reduce pain intensity without using drugs or other invasive treatments. This makes it an alternative option for those who don't want to risk the side effects that come with more traditional methods of dealing with chronic pain.
  2. The quick results from hypnosis for chronic pain make it an appealing treatment option, as it doesn't require long-term or frequent sessions like some therapies.
  3. Studies have shown that hypnosis has been proven to be effective in reducing the intensity of pain among patients with sickle cell disease – showing its potential as a successful treatment option for a wide range of conditions and individuals suffering from chronic pain, no matter what its underlying cause may be.

Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis has been a game changer for me. I used to suffer from chronic pain, and it was starting to get in the way of my life. But since I started using this hypnosis program, my pain has been significantly reduced. I can't believe how well it works!

Conquer chronic pain with hypnosis! Experience the reduction in intensity and start feeling better today.


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Reviews From Our Clients

I went to see the Master as a last ditch effort to quit smoking. As a 25 year serious smoker, I had tried everything and I mean everything. Chantx, patches, gums, etc… so I figured what the heck, I’ll try hypnosis. After meeting with the Master for a consultation. I wasn’t completely sold that it would work for me but I could tell he was sincere so I went for it. The session was scheduled for the next week and after it ended, I walked out a non-smoker. No cravings, no sweats, no over eating, no freaking out, it just worked. It’s been over a week without a cig. I do still knock on wood every once in a while but so far, it has been an incredible experience. Anyone who smokes will tell you going Cold Turkey for a week without any withdrawal is nuts.
K. H.
I learned about Professor Saghafi from my coworker and one of his former students at the University of Buffalo, and how a 3 credit wellness class influenced her and many students in a very positive way. After a google search, I made a call and scheduled an appointment. My 15 min appointment lasted 2 1/2 hrs. His practice is much closer to European model than typical American practice . I like his philosophy of mind--part Western-part Eastern and what lies in between. My experience is beyond positive .
Tina S.
Master Mind Saghafi was a fabulous person and a Great hypnotism.He took a lot of time with me.I went to him to lose weight.I went to Master Saghafi 6 times March 2017 ,and lost 3 pants sizes.I have more energy,eating healthy and I feel Beautiful. I would recommend him to anyone.Master Mind Saghafi I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is May 2017 and we are working on my fears going on the thruway and expressway it is coming along good,I believe I will get there with Master Mind Saghafi and my faith in myself.
W. Schlehr

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Individuals may also contact the center for assistance with more individualized requests, such as overcoming specific workplace or family difficulties. The power of hypnosis is not the power to create new skills or abilities, but rather the power to allow one’s self to succeed.

This philosophy is clearly presented through Master Saghafi’s weight loss hypnosis techniques, which do not focus only on diet or nutrition requirements but on the psychological causes of overeating.  Individualized sessions examine the triggers for excessive calorie consumption, and the mental obstacles which prevent clients from reasonable diets.  Through understanding and positive visualization, clients are able to transition naturally toward more healthful habits.

As with weight loss hypnosis, the philosophy behind Master Saghafi’s stop smoking hypnosis sessions is based upon understanding the reason behind a client’s need to smoke.  Direct suggestion, positive visualization, and deeper understanding of personal motivations aid clients in beating this addiction.

Learn more about Master Saghafi’s techniques and their practical application by attending the upcoming seminar.  Unleash your own capabilities to feel better, heal faster, achieve more, and live a more complete life. 

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