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Prospective Clients Want To Know The Cost Of Hypnosis And NLP

Well, for some things, that can be easy.

The True Cost Of Hypnosis And NLP

I am often asked
How much does it cost?

Now usually what the person is asking is “how much will it cost me to get rid of my problem”?

Before I answer that I would like to educate you and get you thinking about your current situation and consider.

Hypnosis and NLP don’t really “cost” anything, because something that “costs” immediately begins to decrease in value as soon as you’ve bought it. Think of it as an asset and investment in your life.

Hypnosis Self-hypnosis and NLP are real investments and assets, they continue to increase in value for the rest of your life. You stop smoking with me, and the free benefits are reduced stress, improved communication with yourself and others, better sleep patterns.

So rather than think of your hypnosis and NLP as “cost”, what’s your investment for a permanent positive change in how you act, think, and behave, not only towards your family, friends, work friends, not only to the quality of your life but toward yourself?

Please play along with me. It will save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of money in your life.

How Much Will It Cost You To Keep Your Problem? It’s “Wake Up Time”.

Yes, I want you to examine in detail how much it will cost you if you stay as you are?
Then you can work out the value of your investment with me.

The price to your health, physical, mental, and emotional.

The price to your family, partner, children, loved ones.

If you are overweight. Are your children now beginning to be overweight as well? so what will the cost to them be, and to their children?

Work out the true costs to you and to those around you.

What are the true price that will be paid by you, the quality of your life and those lives around you?
How will keeping your problem, cost you LONG-TERM?

Take some time and really examine the true cost and what you are going to pay if you do nothing to make the changes that you would like.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, is your partner suffering, so how much will a divorce cost you. This may seem heavy, however as I said it is “wake up time”.

Recently I came across a young man who had come to see me some years ago, with a problem of grief, he was having problems getting over the death of his parents, and his grief was affecting his partner.
I asked him “how are you doing:? he told me, his wife had left him, taking the kids, and was divorcing him, as she could not take his grief and emotional habits anymore.
He may be about to lose his wife, kids, home, business, and much of his income for the next 18 years.

Back then he thought the costs were too high for the sessions, now he does not and is coming to see me to help him sort out his mess. You can avoid the same mistakes.

First meeting price

$Call/ Meeting price

  • Safe techniques
  • Change of habits
  • Timesaving

Hypnosis consultations

$0/ 0-15 minutes

  • Free
  • Safe
  • Reliable

Session price

$Call/ Per sesion

  • Results guaranteed
  • Professional approach
  • Solved problems

Follow my advice

Except for full responsibility for your results. I will accept full responsibility for my effectiveness.

You need to be totally committed to your success and will do whatever it takes, and I will teach you what it takes and how to do it.

If any of these are not meet more work needs to be done, and that will cost more, but not as much as keeping your problem.

Hypnosis and NLP Consultation (first meeting)

Often at your consultation, you will gain new insight into your problem, and I explain hypnosis and NLP to you and some basic rules of your mind.

This costs you $ , and let’s get real if you are not prepared to spend $ to find out if you are going to make this highly effective method of effecting change work for you, or more accurately if you are going to allow me to teach you how to make the changes and allow me to do what I am good at using hypnotic and NLP techniques to effect changes in your life, you are not going to do what is vital to change you and your habits, this saves both you and I the most precious thing we have. Our time, as this equals our life.

Session Costs

The cost of the average session is $***.** to $****.** for this you sometimes get up to two and a half hours with me. Now ask your self do you want average or do you want exceptional. This is your life and happiness and that of your children and partner we are talking about. To me, you are not just another client

A normal hypnosis session from a good hypnotist will cost you depending on which part of the country you live in, from between $280- $1750, for one hour.

In this time you may spend 15-20 minutes working with the hypnotist.
With me on a two-hour session you will spend 90 minutes working with me, so you get 4 times the amount of change done in this time, and you do not pay 4 times the price, so as you can see you get exceptional value for your investment, this is one of the reasons I can work so fast.

Sometimes the change is much faster. Often clients reduce their a problem on their consultation or gain new insight as to their problem.

The range of problems I deal with can be wide, however, I understand your mind so many of the changes are fast and easy to make. Sometimes the amount of work that needs to be done is vast and this will, of course, cost you more, this is another reason for your consultation so that we can work out a cost that is suitable for you and your needs and the benefits you will receive from working with me

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