Hypnotherapy how I stopped smoking for good

After just one hypnotherapy session, Ramzi Abdulbaki’s life was transformed.

After almost three decades of smoking, the 51-year-old Canadian Lebanese decided enough was enough, and opted for hypnotherapy to help him quit.

He began smoking at the age of 25. On a normal day, he would go through a pack of cigarettes.

“If it was a stressful day, I could go through two packs a day. I’ve quit so many times but always came back.”

On his sister’s recommendation he tried hypnotherapy. “She said that it would help me quit smoking without the hassle.”

Mr Abdulbaki, like most was sceptical at first but the therapy was successful.

“It’s all common sense. She [the hypnotherapist] told me that if I wanted to live to see my grandchildren then I had to quit smoking. You know something is bad for you, but somehow when someone tells it to you in that way, it makes a difference.”

Mr Abdulbaki has not smoked a cigarette in three years ago since that hypnotherapy session.

“It changed my life. I’m now healthy. I lost 15 kilogrammes and went back to gym.”

While the hypnotherapy worked for him, in order for it to be a success he insists “it takes two to tango”.

“I wanted to change.”


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