Wishing you ‘prosperity of mind’

The mind is one of the most important tools to help you achieve success. And whilst you cannot quite think yourself into being rich, clinical hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to tap into a personal sense of abundance also known as “prosperity of mind”.

The golden rule is to close your eyes and imagine your desired outcome. This simple activity stimulates up to 12 different areas in your brain allowing you to access different ways of thinking and processing information. Using clinical hypnosis amplifies concentration and absorption whilst helping you to remain relaxed and focused at the same time.

Sportspeople and celebrities use clinical hypnosis too

This is why many successful sports people use clinical hypnosis to get into the “zone” or “flow” known as the winning game. Amongst the most well known are professional golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, as well as Steve Hooker, who won a gold at the 2008 Olympics for pole-vaulting. But anyone can use clinical hypnosis to enhance success. Celebrities like Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts have used it to boost confidence, enhance creativity and remove habits, which may have previously held them back.

Another very powerful but less talked about phenomena is the power nap used by business people the world over. It is sometimes called the best kept business secret. This short intense blast of energy and mental rejuvenation is a form of self-hypnosis that successful people use naturally and that you can learn easily by visiting a clinical hypnotherapist. Even Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein used clinical hypnosis; the former went on to win the second world war and the latter developed the theory of relativity.

Set achievable goals

You can start the process today by writing down a clear achievable goal. Then imagine how you would feel if that goal had already been achieved. Next list the benefits of having achieved your desired outcome as you experience this in your imagination. This process is the beginning of your journey into a winning mindset or prosperity of mind.

It is very important to have a goal that is consistent with your personal values. One of the easiest ways to go wrong is to have a goal that you don’t really believe, or has been imposed on you by someone else or is simply not possible to achieve. When this happens it is a bit like wanting to win the lottery without actually buying the ticket!

Prosperity of mind requires the rule of plenty or a positive and open mindset. Sometimes life or previous setbacks can limit your sense of confidence. Almost without you realising it, your inner or subconscious mind develops an expectation that life will be hard, that you might fail or perhaps you stop believing that you deserve or have the ability to succeed. This is called a disconnect and many factors can contribute to these limiting beliefs, such as stress, a difficult life experience and even fatigue. The most important thing to remember is that you can alter your inner mindset and re-programme yourself for success.

A mental check-up halts negative thoughts

One of the best ways to test if you are blocking your personal prosperity is to pay attention to your inner dialogue. If you realise that you are mentally criticising yourself and making repeated negative statements, it is time to get a mental check up. The easiest way is to find a hobby that you enjoy which also helps you relax. Even a regular 20-minute walk or meditation can help. But if you find that your inner critical voice continues then a visit to a clinical hypnotherapist or other mental health professional can help.

Deep hypnotic relaxation is now proven to reduce negative affectivity (feelings) and restore positive affect in people who are struggling with difficult or chronic illnesses. The same methods can rejuvenate or reawaken an optimistic mindset and help you break unhealthy mental patterns, which are blocking your chances of prosperity.

Prosperity of mind does not always have to be revolve around procuring material wealth. Abundance includes the simple things in life that are enriching in its own way – peace of mind, feelings of satisfaction, mental and physical well-being and optimism, all of which are the normal everyday experiences of using clinical hypnosis to journey into your inner world.

Source: freemalaysiatoday