Satisfaction and refund policy 

You understand the hypnosis consulting and beyond is a conditioning process whereby an individual uses their own thought and abilities for their own benefit. Also, that it takes several sessions for good, long-lasting benefits. 

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The center staff acts as a teacher or a coach who assists you to learn how to more fully use innate talents and abilities which you already possess. At no time will you relinquish your free will. You will participate only at a paced level of involvement that is desirable and beneficial to you.

Optimum Satisfaction

We use the four steps method for optimum satisfaction – keep it simple K.I.S.S.

1-We provide an initial assessment at no charge.

*The assessment fee is waived at appointment time. We require a minimum of 24 hrs notice to cancel or reschedule an assessment appointment. We reserve the right to charge missed assessment appointments or elect not to schedule new appointments.

After the initial assessment we ask if the individual wants to continue?

2-Additional fifteen minutes

With a positive response, we continue for additional 15 minutes

After 15 minutes, we as ask again if they’re going to continue

3-An hour +

After a positive response, we continue with another 1-hour plus.

At the end of the initial consulting session, we ask about their experience, and if we receive positive feedback, we schedule an additional session in 7 days.

4-After a week

After seven days and during a meeting, we again ask the person if they are satisfied, and at the end of the meeting, if a person is happy with results, we schedule additional appointments based on their request. If the person shows any dissatisfaction with their own ability to harness the positive changes required, we will not schedule another appointment as we prefer to work with engaged and interested parties. 

Policy Note.: Refunds are not allowed on already discounted private session package programs after the initial meeting or seven days. Sessions missed without 24 hours notice will be billed as an entire session—prices and policies subject to change without notice.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.
We guarantee an additional session. Just ask for it.