Stop Smoking Hypnosis Buffalo NY

You can do it

You can quit smoking permanently. No patch. No gum. No withdrawals. No need for massive willpower.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

If you’re genuinely committed to giving it up, you can quit easily with the help of hypnosis.

Studies have shown that stop smoking hypnosis is the most effective method of stopping smoking for good. More effective than nicotine replacement, more effective than will-power, more effective than acupuncture and more effective than self-help books and tapes (Journal of Applied Psychology, 10/92).

How does it work?

The approach I’d take with you (and the number of sessions required) depends on your personality and the severity of your habit. Typical approaches I use include direct suggestion, visualization and a number of other techniques that get to the root of why you smoke. All are used to help you quit quickly and permanently.

How many sessions does it take?

Most people are able to quit in a single session. Two to four sessions are required for others.

Hypnosis Buffalo NY stop smoking

How do I get started?

The real question is, are you truly ready to become a nonsmoker? If you genuinely want to make that a reality just contact me now and we can make it happen. Call me at 716-247-6610 or complete this form

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