Weight Loss Hypnosis Buffalo NY

How can hypnosis help?                      

It’s not about diets. And it isn’t about building your will-power to deny yourself the things you want.

It’s about making it easier for you to get slim. And stay slim. In a way that’s healthy, natural and sensible. Still enjoying the food you eat, but doing it in a way that enables you to lose fat and keep it off. So you can avoid the diet roller coaster. So you can look forward to keeping those shedded pounds off permanently.

How does it work for weight loss Hypnosis?

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. When I work with clients, we talk about several elements that are essential to their success.

Your attitude towards food needs to be looked at. A lot of overeaters use food as ameasure or substitute for well-being, safety, or love. With hypnosis, you can change your attitudes to reduce your perceived importance of food – so you eat less and continue to enjoy what you eat.

Your triggers for eating need to be identified so you have new choices in situations that caused you to overeat in the past.

Self-esteem and confidence are crucial factors in making life-long change. The ability to imagine yourself at a healthy weight is an important start. Hypnosis can reinforce good self-talk so that you build on strength rather than battling feelings of deprivation

Emphasis on health. Weight Loss Hypnosis can increase your desire for the foods you know are good for you. When you find satisfaction with healthy food changing your eating patterns is much easier.

How many sessions does it take?
For many people – especially those who only carry a few extra pounds – a single session of direct-suggestion habit improvement is all that’s needed.

Others need multiple sessions to achieve the results they want. There are all kinds of reasons people overeat. Sometimes it’s important to understand why they’re overeating. Hypnosis provides them access to the causes of their overeating and the tools to make the changes they wish. Follow-up sessions provide reinforcement where necessary so they deeply ingrain their healthy new patterns.

Do you recommend a specific diet?

No, We don’t give specific nutritional advice. Most people choose to eat what has been enjoyable all along, just in smaller quantities. That way, you don’t deny yourself the foods you want to eat, so there’s no need to return to “forbidden foods.” With hypnosis, your appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of healthy food that are suitable for your ideal size and weight.

If you’ve seen a doctor or nutritionist and need help sticking to a new diet plan, you can use hypnosis to ensure you stick to the new plan.

And if there’s a craving or two you genuinely want to get rid of, we can do that too.

Please note that I don’t offer hypnosis for crash diets or any eating plan that could be detrimental to your health.

How do I get started?

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