Hypnosis and NLP Help for Low Income

Many people on low income have problems, just as much as the rich and wealthy do.
Often those on low income are prevented from getting the effective help they need to make powerful changes in there lives due to the cost of effective therapy and help.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Master mind advance hypnosis offers help and advice to those on low income.
You receive the same standard of service as my full fee clients, you just pay less.

You’re Options.
Well the first thing is to.
Call me for a chat.

We discuss your needs and desires. And work out the most cost effective way for you to get the result you want, who knows you may even increase your income.

Time for Time, Skills, Abilities or Items, or Bartering.
Many people on low income have skills or abilities or items that may be useful to me, so we can do an exchange.
Yes it is an old system, however an effective one. You may be a therapist or web designer just starting out, so we could exchange services. There are many skills you may have that could be useful to me, if you don’t ask you will never know.

Reduced Fee’s.
My wealthy clients know that a portion of there fees go to help those on low income and they are pleased with this. So you may get your fees reduced. Unless you come for a consultation you will never know.

Self Hypnosis CD’s.
These are very effective in removing many of my client’s problems, and when the most suitable is selected for you, you will get the same results. These are a very cost effective way of effecting change in your life.

When you know some simple NLP you can make some amazing changes in your life, even more important is the rules of your subconscious mind that you will learn at your consultation, these simple rules can change your life, well worth the cost for your consultation.

Fast effective results are achieved through the use of EFT. So I will not have to spend a great deal of time with you for you to get the most amazing results.

Low income need not be a problem to you increasing your fun, pleasure and happiness in your life.

Books and Courses.
There are many wonderful books and courses that are inexpensive and highly effective and down the years I have done and read thousands of them. I will point you in the right direction. Many are highly effective and you can use them at home and at your own speed.

So if you are on low income there is no need not to get the help and advice you need. Effective hypnosis and NLP are within your grasp.

Master Mind Advance Hypnosis offers you a highly effective and individual service in Hypnosis from an exclusive practice in Tonawanda, New York

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