Happy Mothers Day 2021

To be able to say the word “mom”, the lips must kiss each other twice.

May 9th is Mother’s day, My mother passed away over 40 years ago, and as far as I know, I am not a mother. I also learned not everyone experiences the same feeling about their relationship.

But I like to celebrate life and everything and everybody in it.

To follow that tradition, we created a mother’s day video, which you can watch or pass along.

Whatever you do this coming Sunday, remember that we are thinking of you, and we appreciate you. Happy Mother’s day.

“They say, that when I was born, my mother taught me to suck the milk.

And every night beside my crib, she taught me to sleep as soft as silk.

With a smile, she pressed her lips to mine, till my mouth with joy oversplit.

She took my hand and guided my foot, till I learned to walk with a happy lilt.

One word, two words, then three and more… that’s how she taught me to talk.

That’s why my life is part of her life, and will remain so as long as I live”

― Iraj Mirza Persian Poet