As I lie on my bed with the lights dimmed, a man’s deep, sexy voice oozes out of my phone’s speaker while a black and white swirling pattern occupies the screen.

I’m naked, with my underwear around my ankles, but this is a form of masturbation I’ve never tried before. The only thing that can make me orgasm is the sound of this man’s voice on a YouTube video – I’m going “hands-free.”

I was skeptical about erotic hypnosis. Not to be confused with audio porn or ASMR, it claims to put users into a trance for the purposes of sexual pleasure. Type “erotic hypnosis” into YouTube and you are met with dozens of videos – some of which have six million views.

I wasn’t expecting erotic hypnosis to work. I understand hypnosis and the phenomenal results it can produce, but to bring you to a sexual climax in 25 minutes without any physical stimulation? I wasn’t convinced.

The man starts with the “deepener” – a process where the hypnotist takes you into a deep state of relaxation to open up your unconscious mind. He encouraged me to let all thoughts drift away, adding: “Nothing matters but me and you, all you have to do is obey.” Very “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Focus then turned to my breathing – deep, slow breaths designed to rid my body of tension and lead me into a deeper psychological state where I’m more open to arousal.

He demanded I listened to his voice and let it “consume me” as he put me into a hypnotic state, promising it would be a “pleasurable experience.”

He instructed me to envisage stepping onto an escalator, which would take me on a journey into a “bed of trance” as he counted down from 10.

Source: newyorkpost