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The True Cost of Hypnosis and NLP

Hypnosis Buffalo NY Self EsteemI am often asked
How much does it cost?

Now usually what the person is asking is “how much will it cost me to get rid of my problem”?

Before I answer that I would like to educate you and get you thinking about your current situation and consider.

Hypnosis and NLP don’t really “cost” anything, because something that “costs” immediately begins to decrease in value as soon as you’ve bought it. Think of it as an asset and investment in your life.

Hypnosis Self-hypnosis and NLP are real investments and assets, they continue to increase in value for the rest of your life. You stop smoking with me, and the free benefits are reduced stress, improved communication with yourself and others, better sleep patterns.

So rather than think of your hypnosis and NLP as “cost”, what’s your investment for a permanent positive change in how you act, think, and behave, not only towards your family, friends, work friends, not only to the quality of your life but toward yourself?

Please play along with me. It will save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of money in your life.

How much will it cost you to keep your problem?
It’s “wake up time”.

Yes, I want you to examine in detail how much it will cost you if you stay as you are?
Then you can work out the value of your investment with me.

The price to your health, physical, mental, and emotional.

The price to your family, partner, children, loved ones.

If you are overweight. Are your children now beginning to be overweight as well? so what will the cost to them be, and to their children?

Work out the true costs to you and to those around you.

What are the true price that will be paid by you, the quality of your life and those lives around you?
How will keeping your problem, cost you LONG-TERM?

Take some time and really examine the true cost and what you are going to pay if you do nothing to make the changes that you would like.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, is your partner suffering, so how much will a divorce cost you. This may seem heavy, however as I said it is “wake up time”.

Recently I came across a young man who had come to see me some years ago, with a problem of grief, he was having problems getting over the death of his parents, and his grief was affecting his partner.
I asked him “how are you doing:? he told me, his wife had left him, taking the kids, and was divorcing him, as she could not take his grief and emotional habits anymore.
He may be about to lose his wife, kids, home, business, and much of his income for the next 18 years.

Back then he thought the costs were too high for the sessions, now he does not and is coming to see me to help him sort out his mess. You can avoid the same mistakes.
Call me today at 247-6610.

So I would like you to work out your true costs and then click on the link below.

Take 20 minutes to work this out.
When you have. Call me at 716-247-6610  or fill the form at the bottom of this page.

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