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Power Of The Mind

On Monday, February 14th, Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis will be giving the community the opportunity to learn more about what each individual can do to maximize their own personal potential.  This opportunity to change one’s own life will be presented in the form of a seminar that takes place from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at 300 International Drive Buffalo NY 14221 (Suite 100 -center entrance).
Seminar attendees will be introduced to the concepts and methods of advanced hypnosis as shared by Master Saghafi, who has thought physical, mental Wellness at SUNY Buffalo among many other places, and the man behind Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis of Buffalo, NY.  Master Saghafi is a certified hypnotist and a grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do. He shares with his clients a methodology of life change that he has personally developed over the course of nearly three decades, using coaching, martial arts philosophy, and hypnosis.
Stressing that success via the power of the mind is not a matter of magic but rather the practical application of productive thoughts and positive perspective, Master Saghafi guides his clients.  With this guidance, clients are able to overcome their own personal obstacles.  Many of these obstacles, Master Saghafi teaches, are self-enforced mental challenges.
Clients seek out Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis in order to lose weight, quit smoking, or reduce stress.  Clients may also contact the center for assistance with more individualized requests, such as overcoming specific workplace or family difficulties. The power of hypnosis is not the power to create new skills or abilities, but rather the power to allow one’s self to succeed.
This philosophy is clearly presented through Master Saghafi’s weight loss hypnosis techniques, which do not focus on diet or nutrition requirements but on the psychological causes of overeating.  Individualized sessions examine the triggers for excessive calorie consumption and the mental obstacles which prevent clients from reasonable diets.  Through understanding and positive visualization, clients are able to transition naturally toward more healthful habits.
As with weight loss hypnosis, the philosophy behind Master Saghafi’s stop smoking hypnosis sessions is based upon understanding the reason behind a client’s need to smoke.  Direct suggestion, positive visualization, and deeper understanding of personal motivations aid clients in beating this addiction.
Learn more about Master Saghafi’s techniques and their practical application by attending the upcoming seminar.  Unleash your own capabilities to feel better, heal faster, achieve more, and live a more complete life on February 14th. For more info call 716-247-6610

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