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Struggled finding the right help for my son for a couple years with his anxiety. Went to the “professionals “ I was told to. Psychologist, psychiatrist, counselors, doctors. Although they did help,the medicine that they prescribed had horrible side effects my son ended up doing better and then doing way worse by going into psychosis. When reaching out for help again, and those same medicines seemed to be their only answer, we decided to seek out other alternative help as well. We found Master Saghafi on line and decided to give it a try. The very first time we met Master Saghafi was supposed to be 15 consultation turned into a half hour because he was genuinely concerned. That day we made our decision to continue to see him. So thankful for someone actually taking the time to answer my son’s questions and concerns and being able to give him hope back. My son has had three sessions with them now and it is already started making progress to healing. Forever Grateful-Carm and Bray

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