7 Ways to leave 2021 behind and have the best year ever

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7 Ways to leave 2021 behind and have the best year ever

1- Take a deep breath and smile.

Remember that happy people make others feel good and unhappy people make others feel bad.
Decide to be a mastermind trainee and master your mind first and master all of life’s situations.
Write down the master plan for how you choose to master your world, master your mind and master yourself as a mastermind trainee.

Focus on empowering thoughts such as: “I can do it.” I am doing it.” “I’m getting better at this.” “how ya like me now?” or any positive thought you may have!
Do something nice for someone else: It will come back around one day, so do it anyway!

2- Make a list of all the things you’re worried about and do your best to solve them.

Go outside, breathe in some fresh air and think about the things bothering you.
Review and add to your master plan for how to master your mind.
Remember why you decided to make this list of all these things & remember what it is you want out of life.
Again Focus on powerful thoughts like “I can do it.” I am doing it.” Or any positive thoughts you may have!
Life isn’t always easy, but knowing that will help us get through anything if we choose not to give up hope or lose sight of our goals.
If there’s something wrong, figure out what the true source of the problem is.—something not superficial like money or who didn’t wash the dishes. Watch the video and check back later

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